Agroduhan – limited liability company for agricultural production and services.
Abbreviated: Agroduhan d.o.o.
Main office: Slatina, Nikola Šubić Zrinski 30

Primary activities of our trading company are production of tobacco sort FC VIRGINIA in cooperation with individual agricultural farms, production of FCV sort on its own acreage (plantation), tobacco purchase from the cooperation, processing of tobacco, sale of unprocessed pressed tobacco at domestic and foreign market.

Agroduhan d.o.o. was established on December 16th 1996, based on the Declaration on foundation of the limited liability company as a branch corporation of the founder who is the sole owner with a 100% share in the property of Duhan stock company for production, purchase and processing of tobacco Slatina, Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 30.

Agroduhan d.o.o. has been active on the market since the beginning of 1997, thus continuing the traditional production of fermented tobacco, which has been the activity of the mother company Duhan d.d. ever since September 28th 1995.