We pledge to provide and maintain a fair business environment that is in the interest of shareholders, board of directors, employees and their families, customers, suppliers, local communities and society in general.

The company’s goal is to apply the best international standards in all aspects of its business relating to:

  • sustainable economic development,
  • environmental protection,
  • development of social / human rights,
  • health and safety of its employees,
  • health and safety of other staff not employed in the company, or residing in the premises of the company,
  • development of employees and their families

As a socially responsible company, the company is committed to the following:

  • maintain good relations based on mutual trust and cooperation with its employees, customers and suppliers,
    comply with all applicable Croatian and international laws and regulations relating to its activities,
  • maintain quality and ensure continuous improvement and training of its employees, or suppliers and, when necessary, in order to maintain the highest standards of quality and service levels to customers and the highest level of safety at work,
  • contribute to the elimination of child labor in the tobacco growing sector.
    support development and environmental programs that are reduced to a minimum energy consumption and ensure proper management of waste,
  • implement campaigns cleaning, processing and recycling of waste, water protection and reducing emissions,
    support the development of community programs that encourage improvements in the health, education and economy.

The company from its employees and those who are not, or are staying in the premises of the company, is expected to fulfill their part of the duties and that is ready and at any time react in the event of any dangerous and bad actions or situations and that person or with the help of others to ensure that this situation or acts to be removed.